The Chester-Long Valley Rotary recently donated a 110 pound rescue dummy to the Chester Fire Company. The rescue dummy, already named “Bernie” by the Fire Company, will be used during training exercises for search and rescue drills. The dummy is designed to simulate the dead weight feeling of moving an unconscious victim. The rescue dummy will provide a more realistic and safer training for the members of the fire company. It will be used during automobile extraction drills to simulate trapped victims. It can also be used for high and low angle rescues to simulate having the weight of a patient in a stokes basket or sling at high angles instead of using an actual person which could risk injury.


The Chester-Long Valley Rotary is always looking for people who are interested in providing service to the community. Everyone is welcome to join us. Rotary meets each Thursday: 1st Thursday evening at NY Pizza at 6:30pm, remaining Thursday meetings at 11:45am at Redwoods. Call Bill McGuire on 908 876 3584 for more information.